Lowe’s is expected to start the holiday season deals sooner than previous years, like many other retailers. But, whether or not the company will be offering specific deals or discounts for the 10.10 Shopping Festival is yet to be announced.

Lowe’s is a popular American retailer specializing in home improvements and hardware. Founded in North Carolina by Lucas Smith Lowe as a single hardware store, Lowe’s now has over 1,700 stores in the United States alone. The company offers products for home and property remodelling, repair, maintenance, and decorating. At Lowe’s you can find paint, electrical, kitchen, building supplies, and outdoor living products and solutions. Today, Lowe’s remains committed to helping homeowners, renters, and professionals improve their homes and businesses, serving approximately 18 million customers a week across different channels—in-store, online through the website or mobile app, on-site for exterior projects, at the job site or workplace, and on phone for purchases and support. Lowe’s also offers installation services for windows, appliances, roofing, and more by their teams of professional installers. The company’s support doesn’t end there. Helping customers finish projects at the right time and right price, Lowe’s has special financing options and a team of experts available for support.